How does Blügle work?

Sign up with email or connecting Blügle with your social networks, activate your account and fill in your profile. Choose at least one category that matches your interests in order we can propose you the campaigns that fit you the most you.


What’s a campaign?

  • Campaigns are created by brands to spread a branded video on social networks.
  • Every campaign has a budget set for remunerating influencers depending on the number of views they have generated.
  • Select a campaign that matches your interests, watch the video associated and read the description.
  • For every campaign the brand you can find the following information:
    • EPV: earning per view, meaning how much you can earn for every view you generate.
    • EPL: earning per like, meaning how much you can earn for every like the post you have shared on Instagram has received.
    • The budget: the total budget for the campaign and once you have joined the campaign you can also control the remaining budget updated in real time.
    • The minimum number of views you have to make in order the get the reward for them and the maximum number of views.

    If you don’t reach the minimum number of view Blügle does not credit any money in your wallet.

    When you over pass the maximum number of views the campaign is over for you and Blügle won’t credit you for the views you will make after.

  • Write the text of the post and share the video on your social media accounts (e.g. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc.). It’s up to you to be creative with your posts!
  • Earn money per each unique valid view you make.

What’s a valid view?

  • A view is considered as valid when the following requirements are respected
    • It originates from a country that has been selected by the Brand at the setup.
    • It originates from a social network that has been selected by the Brand at the setup.
    • It is a unique view, meaning that only the first view made by a single person is counted. It means that in the case the same person watches several times a video we count only the first one.

How do we count the views that you have generated?

  • Each post you make on Facebook and Twitter has a unique URL by which we can keep track of its performance. Thanks to this we can count the views your friends and followers has made directly on your post. We can also track your post once it is shared by your friends and count the views it generates thanks to them. These views will count as yours, rìthat is what we call the “Pyramid Effect”, only who is at the top has all the benefits. That one is you!
  • For each campaign you have shared the total number of views you have generated is calculated by the sum of all the views generated (directly and indirectly) by all your posts shared on all social networks chosen by the brand (see the point on Valid View) and made during the period the same campaign is online. For example, if you make 50 views with one post on Facebook and 70 sharing the same video on Twitter, your total number of views is 120 (The amount of money you have earned is 120 * CPV of that campaign).
  • If you have embedded the video of a campaign on your website or blog, we can count all the views your audience has generated. Even in this case we consider valid only the first view made by the same person.

How do we count the likes you have generated?

  • The total sum of all your posts on Instagram referring to the same campaign is counted and it grants you the following amount of money: sum of likes from the posts referring to the same campaign * EPL decided by the brand during the setup.

How does it work sharing a campaign on Instagram?

  • We lately added also Instagram between the social networks our influencers may use. In order to share a campaign on Instagram the process is slightly different from all the other social networks you can share on with Blügle:
    • Select Instagram as the social network on which you want to share the video of a campaign.
    • Start the download of the video on your smartphone.
    • Once the download is ready open the Instagram app on your phone (you can directly open it from the same screen you are on).
    • Upload the video on Instagram, adding a comment and the tag you prefer.
    • Once the video is uploaded, click on the menu you find on top right your post and copy the URL of it.
    • Come back to Blügle and paste the link on the field you can find on the same screen (the same one you’ve used to download the video).
    • Send the link and it is done, now we are able to track all the likes you will receive on your post.

Are there any requirements to join Blügle as an influencer?

  • You are an active user of social media.
  • Influencers have to be at least 13 years old. If you are 13-18, permission from parents is required. For details, please check our Terms of Service.

I'm under 18 years old, can I participate in a challenge?

  • If a creator under 18 years old is elected as a winner, we will send him/her a document by email that has to be signed by his/her parents or legal guardian.

Can I join Blügle if I have existing partnership with other influencer platforms?

  • We believe that everyone is free and we do not have any exclusive contract terms with our influencers.

Is Blügle spam?

  • No, it’s not. Blügle let you share quality branded video that you judge interesting for your audience.
  • To prevent spam, Blügle is applying the following rules
  • Mandatory original and personal comment.
  • Only one video sharing per day is allowed.
  • Max. XXX views for 1 video per influencer
  • In case Blügle it’s not used properly, our post control system will delete bad posts and suspend the account of non-compliant users. For details, please check our

Terms of Service.

What is considered as spamming?

  • The following is considered as spamming:
    • Directly asking for watching the video
    • Using bots, traffic generator services and directly buying traffic
    • Posting the videos to irrelevant public online forums and/or websites
    • Posting the same content more than 3 times during the campaign

What happens when the budget of a campaign is over?

  • When all the budget has been distributed to influencers, the campaign is considered completed. It means that the campaign is over and there will be no more possible earn with the views and likes you will generate afterwards.

What happens when the time of a campaign is over?

  • When the time of a campaign is over, the campaign is considered completed. It means that there will be no more possible earn with the views and likes you will generate afterwards. The remaining budget won’t be distributed or granted to influencers.

What happens when I reach the maximum number of views for a single campaign?

  • In this case, well done: you’ve reached the maximum amount that you can earn for this video.

What happens if I don’t reach the threshold of the minimum number of views (50 views) for a single campaign?

  • In this case we don’t credit the views you made on your wallet. We advise you to choose another campaign and try again.

What happens to posts when a campaign is over?

  • The content of the posts (the comment and the video) will be visible for at least 12 months. After that period, we cannot guarantee that the video will be still hosted on our servers and it may happen that it is no more visible.

May I delete the post I have made?

  • You are our content to a place that belongs only to you. Of course you can delete the post whenever you prefer. Just remember that in the case a campaign is still active, we will grant you only the views you have made until the when the post was published.

Is there a maximum number of likes I can make on Instagram?

  • There is no maximum number of like, all the likes made during a campaign are valid and will be counted.

Privacy policy:

  • We do not have access to post for you or change anything on your social media accounts. The only purpose of connecting to your social media accounts is to make it easier for you to post from our platform.
  • We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personal information to other parties.
  • For further information, check our Privacy Policy on the website or the App.


How much can I earn?

  • You get paid for each valid view depending on the EPV (Earning Per View) and the EPL (Earning Per Like) of the campaign. Every campaign has different EPV and EPL chosen by the Brand at the setup. Please read through the campaign description to understand how much you can be paid.
  • If you are the owner of a video and your content is shared by an influencer you earn the 2/3 of the EPV or EPC of that campaign for every view they make with your content.

How can I be paid? How can I request a withdrawal?

  • PayPal and Stripe are the payment methods we use. The influencer will be responsible for the transaction fees required by the two methods. To know more about these fees, please visit the documentation on the respective websites.

How do I win a challenge?

  • Once your video is accepted by the brand, it will be shared by the influencers on their social networks. At the end of the campaign, the awards will be granted to the most viewed videos; therefore, it is the popularity of the video that establish the ranking and winners.

What happens when you win?

  • When you win one of our challenges, you sign an assignment of rights agreement and assign the intellectual property rights on your winning submissions to the company on behalf of which Blügle has organized the contest.