Today we meet… Ikram 

Her blog:
Instagram: @ anxiously.stylish
Blog Lovin: @ Anxiously Stylish

Who is Ikram?

On her blog with a very chic black and white refined blog, Ikram takes you through her different passions. Come and discover her OOTDs, her DIYs, her beauty tips and tricks, and so much more: travels, movies, TV shows… Ikram opens for you a window on her very busy and filled life. By the way, she says herself that days are not long enough to do all she wants to do!  Looking at something to control (I’m such a control freak), complaining I have too much to do and 24h aren’t enough to do all that stuff in a day. Playing the piano, planning my life again and again, looking for destinations for my next holidays, dreaming about my future (planning again), shopping (of course), watching my tv shows and hanging out with my friends. 

About her blog

When did you start blogging? 2015

Why did you decide to start this adventure? Mostly because I wanted to share my passions with people and let my mark in the blogging community. I think we all have something beautiful to give to this community (advice, creativity,..) but I really started this whole adventure because my friends were always asking me beauty or fashion advice and it was great to help them and to answer to their questions so I thought “maybe other people are asking the same questions but don’t get the answers so why not create a blog where I’ll be able to help them and to speak with them?” The communication aspect is very essential in this community and it seduced me a lot!

What are you writing and sharing about? Fashion, beauty, lifestyle 

Can you tell me more about your ideal reader? I don’t think I can really reply to that question but I would say that the ideal reader won’t be the one who’s sharing my passions, it would be the one who wasn’t sharing them at first and who started to be interested by them by reading my blog because it would proves that he/she really finds what I have to say interesting. Of course I adore all my readers and it’s a real pleasure to talk about our common passions with them!❤️ “

Can you give us the name of some of the bloggers whom you look up to? Why do you follow them?  Aida Domenech (I love her style and she’s amazing) 

Kerry Fay (she is gorgeous and I want her wardrobe af

Claire (she’s so nice, her blogposts are so interesting and let’s talk about her closet, I think I could spend a night in it)

A last word…

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest? Be yourself, don’t be afraid to start because it’s never perfect, it just goes better with years! 

 Many thanks, Ikram🙂