Today we meet… Filiz 

Her blog:
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Youtube: @ And God Created Elvis

Who is Filiz?

Filiz is a 32-years old woman full of good contradictions. Fond of ballet, she can’t resist to metal music. Optimistic, idealistic, utopian, and fashion-victim, she really tries to heal this awful defaults! But we really hope she will not succeed, because that’s exactly what make her blog so unique and fascinating. In the real life, Filiz is an interior designer as well as stage designer. On her blog, she flits around fashion, DIY, decoration and lifestyle. Most important: Don’t forget to put her blog in your favorites, as she may become your provider for all your gifts next year. Indeed, she’s currently renewing her e-shop to offer you the best experience and the most beautiful home made jewels! Stay tuned and be ready to discover this in January! By the way, we still don’t understand where she finds enough time to create  these jewels, as even when she’s not blogging, she seems to be super-busy!   I read other blogs, I’m going to exhibitions, performance of dance and theatre, I meet my friends, I’m going to the restaurant, I’m travel also…it will be so pleasant if I can stay all 6 months in a different town!

About her blog

When did you start blogging? “2013

Why did you decide to start this adventure? I read a lot of blogs before started mine. And I’m a bit geek in my heart, working on pictures, illustrator, web design are totally interesting for me. My blog brings together everything I love in one space.

What are you writing and sharing about? About fashion, personal style, sometimes do it yourself and before end of this year, I’ll write post about architecture/design/interior design. With time, I would like to upgrade my blog to a mood board about my vision of aesthetics and arts.

Can you tell me more about your ideal reader? My ideal reader must be someone who loves fashion of course. Someone who also likes aesthetics generally. As someone who will feel free to express his opinion

Can you give us the name of some of the bloggers whom you look up to? Why do you follow them? Elsamuse, Hello it’s Valentine, Masha Sedgwick,  Stephanie Zwicky, Lion Hunter, A curious fancy, Alex’s closet, mes yeux sur toi. I read those blogs for their universe. They are totally inspiring every time.

 A last word…

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest? Stay who you are and honest! Maybe, your community will be more difficult to construct than another one but she will be sincere. Blogging isn’t a race but a very personal passionl

 Many thanks, Filiz🙂