Today we meet… Audrey

Her blog:
Instagram: @ audreycosty
Facebook: @ My Belgian Way of Life

Who is Audrey?

Audrey is a 20 yo law student with a passion for all the little things that life offers. While you may think such studies are exhausting and therefore impossible to love, Audrey is fond of what she learns, especially because she hopes it will help her changing the world into a better place. She starts this change on her blog, where she wants to say stop: stop to inequalities, stop to prejudices. Therefore, she decided to start the change by writing about one of the things she’s excellent at: fashion. On her blog, you will not be alone any more and you’ll find people able to understand your style and your life, even if your relationships in “real life” are not able to understand these. On my Belgian way of life, just come as you are and discover Audrey’s OOTD, her gift idea, her trips, and so much more!

In a nutshell, Audrey is a simple and very generous girl, who wants to share with us her passion for fashion and for life in general. What does she do when she has free time between her penal codes and her articles?  I spend a lot of time working for’ my law studies but also with my boyfriend ! We love hanging out in bars, eating in restaurant or going shopping ! I love shopping, not only buying things (because my Banking account gets easily tired haha) but also discovering new trends ! I love spending time with my friends, talking, laughing, …


About her blog

When did you start blogging? Only 6 months ago

Why did you decide to start this adventure?
I started blogging not a long time ago because I felt misunderstood by people around me regarding my style, my love for fashion, my interest in travelling around the world etc ! I wanted to share it with people who could be like me and who could care! That’s why I started the adventure and I don’t Regret at all : I meet (virtually and sometimes physically) people all around the world, I discover new things, new trends, new brands … It’s a great experience.

What are you writing and sharing about?
The content of my blog is  based upon 3 or 4 topics which are : fashion,  beauty, Belgian discoveries (where I try to make people discover new places in Belgium, especially in Bruxelles and Charleroi, such as tea rooms, restaurants, …)  and others (where I talk about my studies, about food and recipes, etc)

Can you tell me more about your ideal reader?
The ideal reader is the one who cares about what he/she’s reading, who encourages you to keep going and who follows you during the whole adventure Finally, the best reader you can have is the one whose attention is caught by what you’ve written! By doing this, you want to share your life with people but also sell them dreams !

Can you give us the name of some of the bloggers whom you look up to? Why do you follow them?
  The main inspiration for me is the Beautiful Lima Ché from Limaswardrobe. she’s not only a beauty but also a strong and Intelligent woman who cares about people! I also love Milkywayblueeyes and dope n’ fringed !

A last word…

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest? Don’t hesitate at all! Of course people will laugh at you because they don’t understand but you don’t have to pay attention to this ! You have to do it for yourself, because you’re sure people could be interested in your world ! Blogging takes time and patience : your blog won’t be perfect at the beginning but thanks to the time, to people’s opinion, and to motivation I’m sure everybody has the opportunity to build great things. The main quality a blog could have is originality and spontaneity : don’t try to do like others, share your own world built with your own tools. I’m not an expert at all but this is what I think.

Many thanks, Audrey 🙂