The Blogging Wonderland

The world of blogging has always been quite complicated, yet mysterious for some people.

The basics of blogging, is taking time, a lot of time to be precise, to speak about a subject that you are passionate about. Something you love so much that you don’t count the hours you spend writing articles, taking photos and edit them.

It is not putting yourself out there on the social medias. And I think it’s really important to pay attention to the difference in between the world of blogging (either your write, or you vlog) and people just trying to grow a community (that is sometimes a little “fictional”) on Instagram.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing, but it’s just completely two different things. And sometimes, I’m afraid that things get mixed up a little. And right now, it seems like it’s a very controversial subject being brought up by bloggers, sometimes fed up by how PR agencies are able to deal and make the difference between both worlds.

I think that bloggers that have been blogging, and have been creating a community of readers since many years, shouldn’t be forgotten because they don’t want/think/believe in posting a latte art coffee, on a piece of marble with the HBO1 filter of VSCOCAM on their Instagram. I think they just have another channel of communication, which can be just as powerful, and sometimes even more targeted.

So what now? I think PR agencies and brands, should focus on choosing the right influencers, or the right bloggers, depending on what they want to put forward.

Here is a link to Emmanuelle Hubert’s article about the same subject. It’s really well written, and it’s a good one to read (for everyone that is interested, or works closely or not with bloggers and influencers): Comment mesurer l’influence d’un blogueur?

And with that, I wish you a great weekend!