Starting 2017 on the right foot

Now that that cheerful time of the year has gone by, we can finally focus on the year to come and plan what’s ahead of us.

We wouldn’t say resolutions because it just seems like something you’ll do for the next two weeks (three weeks tops), and quickly give away afterwards.

Start small, and grow your ambitions little by little. For example, you want to start doing sport, but you were never the sporty one?

Maybe try first to walk more (skip the bus/metro/car from time to time), or maybe go for a run with a precise plan on how many kilometers you first want to achieve. And from there, grow evolve at your own rhythm.

Want to cook more? Well, with all the new cooking videos being shared on the social medias lately, it’s hard not wanting to give it a try, don’t you think?
You can find inspirations on: Tastemade, Tasty, Buzzfeed Food, (go healthy with) Goodful, …

Now, let’s take a look at some bloggers and their goals/expectations or even resolutions for 2017?

Le Coeur A Son Réseau: The blog will be even more fashion & funky. You will discover the Fashion & Lifestyle side of Brussels through the eyes of Martin.

Marie Gourmandise: Marie wants to take what she calls “non resolutions”. She wants amplify the things she loves: eating good, local and seasonal food, enjoy quality time with her family and friends. She wants to take the time to take care of herself and of her Barbu (the boyfriend). Looking at life with positivity and keep on laughing.
And if she could add one more thing it would be to be even more in love with her Barbu (how cute!)

Odile Sacoche: To love herself and honour her body.

Gaëlle Van Rosen: Spend more time with her loved ones. Work with more pleasure, no pressure, make wise choices.

Audmarshmaloo: Enjoy each and every moment of life. Time goes by so fast and we’re running around all the time. This year, Audrey wants to enjoy every simple and beautiful moments life has to offer.

Unpausable: Finding a permanent job. Pauline has been doing interim jobs for over a year now, and it’s very frustrating not being able to kick off the new year with the security of a long term job. She also wants to start working on the blog again and to exercise more.

Alice à Bruxelles: Alice wants to have a planning of her future post, and schedule her post systematically.

L’Assiette: L’Assiette wants to discover a new Asian country and culture. He wants to find a restaurant in Belgium that cooks “Nikkei” food (we have no clue what that is), and also visit the Chotto Matte restaurant in London. L’Assiette seems to love London because he wishes to finish his studies and leave for London Town, to live and work.
Last but not least, L’Assiette would love to be able to write for belgian medias (online or paper) about new restaurants and other food related stories, since he loves to share his discoveries and new addresses with his family, friends and followers.

Goldiloks: Elke’s motto in general is: MAKE IT WORK. And if it doesn’t work right away, keep trying and never settle down for less. And for 2017, she really wants to love and spend more time with her friends and family as much as she can.
Also for 2017: be nice to everyone, eat healthy, travel more, get back to TV hosting and keep building on her blog.


Yayy! Wise words guys! Way to go to kick off 2017.

Have a great start of the year everyone.