Social Media 101


You have a social media presence, but whether it is for you personal account or for a brand your represent, you want to grow your influence?
Here a few tested and proven tips to increase your followers:

I. Post at the right time

People check their various social media at different time; thus is it fundamental to choose the best time to post if you want your content to be consulted.
Linkedin is for professionals, and they tend to use it during working hours via computer.
Hence, the optimal time to post on Linkedin is between 8.30-9.30 am; 12-2pm and 5-6pm.
Facebook is used all day long, both on mobile and on a computer.
The ideal time for a post is during weekdays’ evenings and Sunday’s afternoon.
People tend to go on Facebook on their phone during the day, and on computer later in the evenings.
The best time to post an article or a long read would be during Commutes, early morning, late evening, and during pauses.
Twitter is also used at work and at home, usually during down times likes commutes and breaks. The best time to post on Twitter would in the afternoon 3pm-6pm on weekdays.
Blogs are mostly read at home, on a desktop. Most blog followers consult the blog anytime during the weekend, or at night. The best time to post on a blog would be on Monday afternoon, and Thursday evening
Instagram is nearly exclusively consulted on mobile phones.
Following studies, the highest engagement on instagram is on Wednesdays.
New settings in the app, shows the posted content on your feed is not only time posted but by relevance, according to the profile you consult, and you like.

II. Lead the conversation

The easiest way to grow your following is to be active.
But, to attract new followers and keep the old ones from leaving, you have to be proactive.
Add people from your different networks; follow people you share common interests with.
Don’t just post; engage the conversation – ask questions, comment on other people’s posts. Users who may not know you will notice that you are accessible, and your popularity will grow organically.

III. Use #

When it comes to social media, hashtags are essential.
They make your content researchable by other users.  Users who share a common interest are more likely to discover your content if you “label” it by using hashtags.
Whether you post about your favorite show or  you share what you are doing, take the time to search the in-vogue “#” related to the subject you want to use.
Stay ahead of the game by keeping tabs on trending hashtags, as they are evidently the subjects prompting the most reactions.
Always use “#” sparingly, using 20+ hashtags not relevant to your post will irritate other users and drive them away from your channels.

IV. Cross-networks posts

Cross-media posting makes it easier to remain active on social media; and it is important to outline that your followers on one of your social media channels may most certainly differ from the following you have on any other channels.
So does the content: the content you post on your blog is not the same content you post on your Instagram, but by cross-posting, the post made on your blog through Instagram will drive people to your Instagram and increase new followers and engagement.

V.   Run a promotion

As mentioned above, the easiest to grow your audience, is to interact with your followers. If you want to develop awareness around your channels, and create a buzz, run a promotion. Giving back to your followers will instantly boost your notoriety.
For example, set up your contest.
Piggybacking off of the previous section on user interaction, the absolute easiest way to immediately boost your Instagram followers is by running a promotion to reward them.
For example,  set up your promotion so that users have to follow your account in order to be eligible to win your promotion/contest. To drive further engagement, make it so that users have to follow your account plus tag five friends in a post. When their friends see it, they’ll follow your account and enter the promotion, and you’ll have received six new followers off of a single post.
Also, don’t forget  n° IV from this post and make sure that you use your cross-promotional skills to share your promotion across all of your social networks, and make sure your blogs highlights the promotion, too

Blügle Team