Gaming Influencers or “PGM”

Video games and I have always been a love story relationship, my girlfriend can relate.

Since my youngest age, I have always been immersed in role-playing, shooting games, and platforms. Generally, these gaming sessions were made isolated, or at most with a friend. We were far from doubting that at this age already marketing ambassadors exists. In the recreational classes, we were all there, defending our favorite consoles, blowing up the technical advantages we had seen in television ads.

Today the world of video games has changed, let’s focus in this kind of game that all confirmed gamers find in their landscape one day or another: the MOBA: multiplayer online battle arena. These action-strategy games are played in teams, in stadiums bringing together thousands of spectators in the stands and millions of viewers on platforms, like Youtube Gaming or Twitch. These events organized by computer crew members are not only marketing showcases where professional players only present technical demo. So if we, gamers, want to play as well as they do, we must buy the same high-tech equipment.

People, their community and the passion they share are the new channel.