Come together!

Here’s your first Christmas gift, and it comes from H&M to promote their end of year collection “Holiday”: 3 minutes and 53 seconds of a sweet Christmas tale, brought under the pine tree not by Santa Klaus, but by Wes Anderson in his short film “Come Together”.  Retro, elegant, magical, just as Blügle loves.

Welcome on board, thanks for choosing “H&M Express” for your trip. Here’s Adrien Brody speaking, your train conductor. Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions, our train has been delayed, and we regret to inform you that you’ll not be home for Christmas.  But don’t worry, your devoted conductor and his assistant will do anything possible to bring the Christmas spirit to you, even if you’re prisoner in this train. Let’s all come together in the dining car, and enjoy a lovely Christmas diner.

This train, reminding us of Anderson’s Darjeeling limited, is full of funny characters, in the classic Anderson dolls-house style. Each of them has a little picture of his/her loved ones. In the distance, we can hear a choir singing The Little Drummer Boy. It’s impossible to understand from where this Christmassy music comes, as it gets louder every time a passenger opens a window. Is the choir outside, moving alongside the train? Before we can sort it out, it’s replaced by John’s Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War is over).

We were all used to famous collaborations between H&M and renowned fashion designers such as Kenzo or Alexander Wang. This time, they tried to win cinema lover’s heart by recruiting Wes Anderson, the famous director of the Tenenbaum Family andr of the Grand Budapest Hotel. And we guess it’s a winning bet, as this short film is faithful to Anderson’s typical universe (Peculiar characters, plans and colours) while allowing the introduction of the new Christmassy collection from H&M.

In a nutshell, Holiday Come Together is a sweet little film conveying solidarity and sharing. A real pleasure to see, watch it again and spread it to your friends!