Code name: Treenapping Operation

Yippee, we’re exactly one month from Christmas Eve! Christmas markets open one by one, we enjoy mulled wine and gingerbreads, and famous brands offer us the best videos of the year.

While waiting for Santa Claus, we would be expecting the kids to be good as gold. So, what are these boys up to the night before Christmas? Follow them as they go on an unexpected night time adventure.

Once again, Ikea fills us with wonder with this lovely modern Christmas tale. Together with the agency DDB Brussel, the Swedish brand makes you become complicit in the “Treenapping Operation”. Let’s follow 3 children in the snow the night before Christmas for an epic adventure in their village and in a dark forest. At first, you could believe these bad boys are up to no good. But actually, children are apparently the only ones who understand the real Christmas spirit.  Indeed, the one gift really important during holiday season is not having the best toy under the Christmas tree, but having the chance to be together with the ones we love (even for Christmas trees!).

No doubt there’s one thing Ikea perfectly knows how to do: bringing people together around a table, and around lovely stories.