An influencer can be anyone, from a blogger to a celebrity – as explained in this infographic – but they must always have credibility and a niche. Influencers are generally rewarded with money or samples. Before you pay them to promote your product or service, you must be sure the influencers you work with match your brand’s tone, style and … Read More

The importance of the video content

“Video content will be the future of marketing”. You might haven’t noticed it yet but video content has already revolutionized marketing and engaging people. How we can engage or catch people’s attention with all the commercials we listen to and see every day? Advertising is bombing us all the time and people get tired of seeing lot of commercials every … Read More

How mobile video is storming back-to-school shopping

[Source: GIPHY]  Unfortunately, summer came to its inescapable end. Parents went back to work, and students all over the world headed back to school this week. Whatever school level they attend, there were plenty of items to buy to be fully ready for this new school year, from pens to notebooks, from furniture to computers. For you, marketers, that means … Read More

What if your favourite viral videos were basically just fake?

Remember this crazy video of a white shark surprising a cliff jumper in Sydney Harbour? Just like thousands of other people, you probably shared it with your friends; maybe you even argued on social networks over its authenticity. Guess what? You’re only one out of millions of people who have simply been deluded by independent Australian studio The Woolshed Co.. … Read More

How user generated content is taking over modern marketing

July 28th, 2016 – by Enerel Ganbold   Who are the Millennials?  Today, the generation that is taking over the world are called the “millennials”. If you’re not familiar with these species, you can easily spot them in the street because they are everywhere and they always carry a phone, a pad and/or a computer – one or several devices … Read More

The Importance of Brand Perception

The ability to share information instantly has democratized perception of brands. Customer opinion is more influential than ever in determining brand perception.If we want to know how to increase brand perception, we first need to understand what those opinions are. What do consumers believe the brand represents? What is their view of its products and services? How does this perception … Read More

8 top and flop branded video marketing ideas

July 7th, 2016 – by Enerel Ganbold   TOP: To bring in as much viewers as they can, most of the successful commercials usually use (sometimes abuse) emotions in addition to a story they can relate to, that is close to their case of human experience. Emotions are a powerful marketing and manipulative tool, they help bring loyal customers who feel emotionally … Read More

How video marketing has become a necessity for every brand.

June 30th, 2016 – by Enerel Ganbold The way online media had evolved shows a somehow natural flow of the online marketing from still images to videos. As the smartphone cameras have developed high quality images for not only photography but for capturing moments as well and as the development of video sharing tools such as Youtube or Vimeo have … Read More