Here’s the best Christmas video (and Youtube viewers agree)

Since few weeks, our TVs are invaded by Christmas-related videos. While most of these are basic commercials simply adding Santa Claus to their usual argumentation, some others can on the contrary be really heartwarming. (And be honest, we all need this after such a year!). “English for Beginners” is a Polish Christmas ad for the e-commerce website Allegro, which belongs … Read More

Best! Present! Ever!

Remember that feeling when you were a kid on Christmas Day, discovering a huge package under the Christmas tree and being impatient to unwrap it to discover the one gift you were dreaming of? “Mummy, Daddy, That’s the BEST! PRESENT! EVER!”.  Assumed such a feeling was lost since you’re an adult now? Composed of 4 hilarious spots, Samsung’s Christmas campaign … Read More

Come together!

Here’s your first Christmas gift, and it comes from H&M to promote their end of year collection “Holiday”: 3 minutes and 53 seconds of a sweet Christmas tale, brought under the pine tree not by Santa Klaus, but by Wes Anderson in his short film “Come Together”.  Retro, elegant, magical, just as Blügle loves. Welcome on board, thanks for choosing … Read More

Code name: Treenapping Operation

Yippee, we’re exactly one month from Christmas Eve! Christmas markets open one by one, we enjoy mulled wine and gingerbreads, and famous brands offer us the best videos of the year. While waiting for Santa Claus, we would be expecting the kids to be good as gold. So, what are these boys up to the night before Christmas? Follow them … Read More

Ben & Jerry’s fruits united against a divided world

What a year it has been! Between Trump’s unexpected and unbelievable victory in America, and the UK’s controversial decision to leave the EU, most of us have probably been wondering where the world was heading to. Ben & Jerry’s couldn’t have timed this hopeful message better. Last week, they released in the UK an overtly political film offering us an optimistic … Read More

Ikea and The Red Cross bring Syrian reality in Europe

Each of us has probably dreamt about creating one of the wonderful Ikea rooms at home. This time, it won’t be the case. Indeed, Ikea built a room in one of its stores that looks like a damaged home in Syria. In sum, it’s an awesome in-store media idea to raise funds for the Red Cross. The installation was live … Read More

What it means to be #Ladylike in 2016

Ladylike [ˈleɪdɪlʌɪk/] adjective: appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl. That’s what you’ll find if you look for a definition of the term Ladylike in a dictionary. According to fast fashion brand H&M, this definition is old and outdated. To defy this stereotyped femininity, H&M has launched a playful ad for its Autumn/Summer collection, redefining what … Read More

The first ever sign language only TV spot: how to champion diversity

In July, Channel 4, a British TV broadcaster, launched one of the best campaigns ever about disability with the “We’re the Superhumans” spot, the follow-up of their 2012’s “Meet the Superhumans” spot, but in a far more fun and brilliant way. As if that wasn’t enough, they launched a featured contest named “Superhumans wanted”. The goal? Engage UK brands in … Read More

You’re too perfect? No worries, Meetic’s here to help you!

Two years ago, Meetic France and Buzzman helped unconfident people regain self-confidence by loving their imperfections with the famous “Love Your Imperfections” campaign. But this summer, Meetic realised they forgot a part of the population: what about perfect people? No time to waste, here is the #InventYourImperfections campaign! In a 45 seconds hilarious spot, a zany young man invents a crazy … Read More

8 top and flop branded video marketing ideas

July 7th, 2016 – by Enerel Ganbold   TOP: To bring in as much viewers as they can, most of the successful commercials usually use (sometimes abuse) emotions in addition to a story they can relate to, that is close to their case of human experience. Emotions are a powerful marketing and manipulative tool, they help bring loyal customers who feel emotionally … Read More