Starting 2017 on the right foot

Now that that cheerful time of the year has gone by, we can finally focus on the year to come and plan what’s ahead of us. We wouldn’t say resolutions because it just seems like something you’ll do for the next two weeks (three weeks tops), and quickly give away afterwards. Start small, and grow your ambitions little by little. … Read More

Today we meet… Ikram 

Her blog: Instagram: @ anxiously.stylish Blog Lovin: @ Anxiously Stylish Who is Ikram? On her blog with a very chic black and white refined blog, Ikram takes you through her different passions. Come and discover her OOTDs, her DIYs, her beauty tips and tricks, and so much more: travels, movies, TV shows… Ikram opens for you a window on … Read More

Today we meet… Audrey

Her blog: Instagram: @ audreycosty Facebook: @ My Belgian Way of Life Who is Audrey? Audrey is a 20 yo law student with a passion for all the little things that life offers. While you may think such studies are exhausting and therefore impossible to love, Audrey is fond of what she learns, especially because she hopes it will … Read More

Today we meet… Noémie

Her blog: Instagram: @ noemiemeijer Pinterest: @ Noémie Meijer Facebook: @ Pierre Papier Ciseaux Youtube: @ Pierre Papier Ciseaux Who is Noémie? Noémie, 28, is typically the kind of people we all are envious of: dynamic, traveller, dreamer, creative. No surprise with the latter, since Noémie comes from a creative family. From mother to daughter, every generation shares with … Read More

Today we meet… Filiz 

Her blog: Instagram: @ And God created Elvis Twitter: @ And God created Elvis Facebook: @And God created Elvis Youtube: @ And God Created Elvis Who is Filiz? Filiz is a 32-years old woman full of good contradictions. Fond of ballet, she can’t resist to metal music. Optimistic, idealistic, utopian, and fashion-victim, she really tries to heal this awful … Read More

Today we meet… Gaëlle

Her blog: Instagram: @ thegirlzlifemagazine Twitter: @ Thegirlzlifemagazine  Facebook: @ Thegirlzlifemagazine Pinterest: @ Thegirlzlifem Who is Gaëlle? Gaëlle is a thirty-some-years-old Cameroonian, who lives in Belgium since 10 years or so. Her blog, far from her “real life” occupation, is somewhere you can see life through rose (and black)-coloured glasses. Indeed, she will help you feel confident and beautiful, … Read More

Today we meet… Eliott

Son Instagram: @ bockstaelstory  Son Facebook: @ EliottBockstael Petite présentation d’Eliott Eliott est un jeune homme de 19 ans, passionné de nouvelles technologies, de graphisme et de multimédias. Sa page Facebook et sa galerie Instagram recoupent à merveille ces centres d’intérêts, mais vous offre également de beaux contenus. Au gré de ses envies, de ses découvertes et de ses réactions … Read More

Today we meet… Rachel

Son blog: Son Instagram: @tawneebuy Son Facebook: @tawneebuy Son Pinterest: @Tawneebuy Son Youtube: @Tawnee Buy Petite présentation de Rachel Derrière Tawnee se cache Rachel, une petite Belge souriante et débordante d’énergie et de passions qu’elle veut nous faire partager. Son blog au design très chic nous offre des idées de looks, de voyage, de make-up… Bref, une plongée dans … Read More

Today we meet… Caroline

Son blog: Son Instagram: @Thelemonspoon Son Facebook: @Thelemonspoon Petite présentation de Caroline Derrière les cuillères en citron se cache Caro, une Bruxelloise pétillante qui cherche à nous transmettre des principes pour une vie plus saine et responsable mais sans nous donner de leçons! Son blog vous offre un vrai guide si vous souhaitez changer votre mode de vie, mais … Read More

Today we meet… Elien

Her blog: Instagram: @littlelouvain Twitter: @LittleLouvain  Facebook: @Littlelouvain.theblog Pinterest: @littlelouvain Youtube: @ Little Louvain Who is Elien? Little Louvain is where the magic happens. Elien is a 20-yo Belgian blogger living in (as the name of her blog indicates) in Leuven. Since her childhood she’s a fashion addict, enjoying shopping-afternoons with her family in Leuven, gathering really good memories … Read More