Best! Present! Ever!

Remember that feeling when you were a kid on Christmas Day, discovering a huge package under the Christmas tree and being impatient to unwrap it to discover the one gift you were dreaming of? “Mummy, Daddy, That’s the BEST! PRESENT! EVER!”.  Assumed such a feeling was lost since you’re an adult now?

Composed of 4 hilarious spots, Samsung’s Christmas campaign “Best! Present! Ever!”  aims at recreating this feeling, and showing that these moments can also be enjoyed by grown-ups.  In each spot, you’ll discover a typical family moment during Christmas Day, when people gather to open packages. It could be my family, yours or even your neighbours. But what began as a great family day will end as the best Christmas ever for series fan Mums, happy husbands, whole families or sport fan Dads: they received the ultimate Christmas gift, a Samsung TV! The conclusion is simple, Want to turn your usual Christmas into a fairy tale? Offer your dad / mum / husband / wife / dog a Samsung TV!

Have you made your Christmas gift ideas list yet? No? Hurry up! This funny, out of the box campaign goes with an interactive web app site helping you in this hard task. (And it will as well help you putting this Samsung TV on your list of course). The spots drive you to Here, you can create your very own special interactive animated Christmas gift ideas list, which you can share with your relatives. Let them know what you’re exactly dreaming of, but most of all, make them laugh!