Ben & Jerry’s fruits united against a divided world

What a year it has been!

Between Trump’s unexpected and unbelievable victory in America, and the UK’s controversial decision to leave the EU, most of us have probably been wondering where the world was heading to.

Ben & Jerry’s couldn’t have timed this hopeful message better. Last week, they released in the UK an overtly political film offering us an optimistic vision for our future: the possibility to unite again and live all together in peace and harmony.

The 2-minutes film, produced by London agency Nice and Serious, takes place in the fictional town of Coneville. Mmmh… Fictional? Not that sure! Here, sweet and sour fruits are strongly divided. The isolationist and angry Lemon Party hold the power, persecuting fearful cherries. Doesn’t this story remember you something? But a lonely cherry has still hope for a peaceful future and tries to change things by demonstrating and defending that fruits “taste sweeter together”. Fortunately, the story ends with fruits accepting their differences and healing their divisions because they are “better together”.

There’s no way you can ignore the political reference, from the square called “Rosapark” to the “Melting point”, spoofing the British UKIP “Breaking point” poster during the EU Referendum campaign.

The commercial song has been created especially for the occasion by singer/songwriter Ben Cocks. If you liked it, “One Sweet world” is available on iTunes or Amazon.

In a nutshell, Ben & Jerry’s brilliantly offered us a hopeful message for a world that is “increasingly divided”, as they mentioned in a statement posted under their ad.